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London is famous for many things

1.1 London - Amleisure.co.ukLondon is famous for museums, monuments and parks.The city must be seen. What is more, it has a royal family. Everybody wants to see Queen Elisabeth II and her relatives. Some people have a chance to do this. A lot of people try to achieve it as hard as possible. Old proverb states that If somebody is tired with London, she or he is also tired with existence. London is eminent and gives a lot of job and tourist opportunities. Persons admire this city. It was ruined by the huge fire in 1666, then suffered a lot during First and Second World War. Nowadays it is a great place to see and admiresWe would like to recommend this unique city to everybody. Parks offer hours of relaxation– sitting and lying on the grass, reading papers and talking with strangers. Londongathered a lot of funds and has a famous financial centre that offers really great chances of improvement and advancement for well-educated people. Coming to some conclusions, we wish you a nice visit to London. The capital of Great Britain offers unique impressions. We are more than sure about it and want to share some knowledge with you. Visit London and become a fan of it.

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Modern and interesting place to live – London

1.2 London - Amleisure.co.ukLondon is a famous city , a capital of the Great Britain. Living in this place can bea great time of life. Numerous persons would like to settle down there for some period of time. Not everybody has a chance to do it. The city is enormous and has plenty of inhabitants coming from all over the world. Some professionals say that there are much more than 8 milion inhabitants of the capital of the Great Britains. Persons living there come from all over the world. Only 60 per cent of them are white people and the rest are Asians, Africans and South Americans. Plenty of them live there for life not for some months. They work, have families and enjoy their life. London is a city that never sleeps,offering a lot of clubs and discos opened all night long.